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Are you an independent owner operator with your own authority?  If so, you know how difficult it is to book freight, sign contracts, process credit checks, while driving a truck!

BARNES DEVELOPMENT offers an affordable Load Planning Service for $200./month.  Because of our long term relationships with Brokers and Shippers we are able to negotiate a higher rate for you that should offset our monthly fee.

We book  loads for you, make  appointments, sign all paperwork and send you rate confirmations.  We work hard to get you top dollar, and to get you home when you need to be. 
Are you are a small trucking company with less than ten trucks?  Then you realize how difficult it can be to book loads for your fleet at the best rate with credit worthy companies while managing all of the other areas of your business.

BARNES DEVELOPMENT can remove  stress from your organization and increase your profits.  We offer a Load Planning Service for $200.00/month.

We book your freight, sign and exchange paperwork, perform a credit check when necessary, and send you rate confirmations.